Q) My headliner is hanging down, can you do a quick repair?

A) Headliners have to be replaced, we can match it will OEM or with a whole different color. We do not fixed or re-glued them. 

Q) Can you reupholster just a portion of my seat?

A) We can repair the damaged section or we can replace the whole part of the seat. Sometimes it’s a better value just to replace that part of the seat then repairing it.

Q) If my armrest is cut, does it need to be reupholstered?

A) If your armrest is cut more than likely it will have to be reupholstered

Q) My vehicle is getting older and I’m sitting on the metal frame. Can you fix it?

A) Over time, the padding in your seat can wear down. We can add new foam to your seats and repair the spring beds in your seat if necessary.

Q) What kind of materials can you work with?

A) We offer custom upholstery, we have been trusted for over 36 years. We have many options and can accommodate other materials such as suede, carbon fiber, alligator, and etc. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Q) The back glass on my convertible top has fallen in. Can you repair it?

A) We will try our best to repair it, but due to the top being shrunk it may not be possible. A repair usually can’t be guaranteed.

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